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J&E Plumbing started in 2009 as a team focused on providing old-school knowledge with new-school technology. We specialize in pool heaters, meter upgrades, and generator installations. Our level of experience has no bounds; we can tackle any issue. Our expert gas lines and conversions in Baldwin include installation, plumbing, and repair of new or old lines. We provide professional oil-to-gas conversions from homes to hospitals if you want to upgrade your space.

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Guide to Oil to Gas Line Conversions

As oil prices climb, many homes and businesses consider transitioning from oil to natural gas. 

Consider converting to natural gas for these reasons:

  • Protection from surges in oil prices
  • Increase appliance efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Consistently lower costs

When converting from oil, you can choose natural gas or propane. Natural gas is the typical choice because propane produces more heat and dangerous carbon monoxide. Natural gas is a more affordable, cleaner, and more efficient option for your home.

Next, we’ll have to install the gas line and find potential rebates that can offset the initial costs of installation. Your neighborhood may already have the main gas line, but you’ll need a service line to connect your home to the main one. If you already have some gas lines in your home, we can extend those lines with stiff iron or flexible steel pipes, whichever works better for you. But your decision will be based on if natural gas is available in your Neighborhood.

Finally, you’ll convert your current appliances to natural gas. This doesn’t have to be done all at once, as most people convert to natural gas when the existing appliances fail. There are also conversion kits for most appliances if you want to convert them instead of replacing them. Our expert gas lines and conversions in Baldwin help set your new system up for success.

Important Steps to Consider When Installing a Gas Line or Turning On Your Gas:

  • You will need to establish an account with National Grid
    • Establish what rebates will be applicable to your project 
  • You will need to file a permit with the Town/Village
  • Hire J&E Plumbing as the licensed plumber to help file the permit & perform the work.
  • Once work is completed and National Grid has set the meter, you will need a pressure test certificate that certifies the gas line is leak free.
  • Before National grid will turn the gas on the license plumber needs to furnish a pressure test certificate along with a national grid form that outlines where the gas line was run.
  • For existing gas lines where the gas has been shut off for more than a year a pressure test certificate is required before national grid will turn the gas off.
  • If there are leaks on existing lines, an on-site tech will determine how many linear feet of gas pipe will need to be replaced and how many fixtures need to be reconnected and then draft an estimate.

Common Causes of Gas Line Issues

After you have a gas line installed, it's vital that you know the potential causes of breakdowns and how to prevent them. 

Here are a few common reasons that you might need gas line repair:

  • Fitting & connection problems: The valves, meters, and pipes that connect your natural gas system are vulnerable when connecting to the main line and other appliances. Improper installation or degrading materials can cause these weaknesses.
  • Appliance maintenance: Ignoring the required maintenance on your new appliances can increase the wear and tear on your appliance. This can cause cracks and deformation that lead to leaks.
  • Line blockage: Water, tree roots, insects, dirt, and debris can all enter your system and cause a blockage in your gas line. If you’ve recently rearranged appliances, you could have also caused a kink or dent in the line. A line blockage is more than an inconvenience; it can cause a burst line from built-up pressure.

Your gas line must be protected from these problems with proper installation, strong pipes, and regular maintenance. If you ever notice any issues with your gas lines, don’t hesitate to trust J&E Plumbing for expert gas lines and conversions in Baldwin. There is no problem we can’t solve as a team with over 30 years of experience. 

Contact us today at (516) 715-2424 to speak to a member of our team today about how we can convert your home from oil to gas!

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