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At J&E Plumbing, we work hard to ensure that commercial gas lines are strong for years to come. Surgeries already come with many risk factors, but faulty medical gas should not be one of them. Our experts have 30 years of experience completing thousands of jobs as licensed and insured professionals. We’re here to ensure your office is safe with reliable labeling, emergency shut-off valves, and alarm systems that notice leaks. There is no issue we can’t tackle when you need a reliable medical gas system throughout your healthcare facility.

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Medical Gas Systems

We understand the importance of having functional medical gas lines which are properly maintained to ensure consistent and reliable performance. 

Just a few types of gasses these systems handle include: 

  • Nitrogen: If a facility doesn’t use instrument air, nitrogen is a common support gas for power tools. It may be used with cylinders but is often piped with a pressure alarm system at the source and site. If not used to power tools, it can also preserve various biological specimens or destroy diseased tissue.
  • Nitrous oxide: Also known as laughing gas, this nitrogen variant is a common anesthetic used by dentists. This is typically dispensed by tanks and distributed throughout the building using its medical gas lines.
  • Oxygen: This gas is used in almost every medical setting for resuscitation or inhalation therapy. This requires a significant amount of liquid oxygen that can be evaporated for easy inhalation. Labeled cylinders should be green, use a unique connection fitting, and be connected to a master alarm. Consistent use of safety measures, monitoring systems, and fail-safes is critical to ensuring the safe storage and transport of this flammable gas.
  • Carbon dioxide: For less invasive surgeries, facilities may use carbon dioxide to enlarge and stabilize the body cavity. When combined with oxygen, it can treat various respiratory illnesses.

No matter what your medical facility needs, we can provide expert medical gas services in Baldwin for hospitals, veterinarians, dentists, and more. Nothing is more important to us than setting you up for success with reliable medical gas for every surgery.

Medical Gas Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the most important step to ensuring your medical gas system remains safe. This includes annual inspections, changing filters, and repairs. Medical accreditation agencies often require medical inspections that evaluate valves, outlets, alarms, and equipment that wears over time. This comprehensive report is critical to keeping your medical center compliant with accreditation standards and keeping patients safe.

Other preventative maintenance includes changing oil and filters, cleaning traps, testing, and recommending necessary upgrades. The NFPA codes require a scheduled maintenance routine based on manufacturer recommendations, and we’re here to help you stay up to standard. Testing machine performance and alarms are necessary to ensure safety precautions are in place to protect everyone.

A gas leak can be dangerous, don’t risk patients or your commercial space by not following proper maintenance procedures. Outside of testing and annual inspections changing oil, filters, and cleaning traps may be required weekly or monthly. This preventative maintenance is critical to reduce the wear and tear on belts, couplings, and other parts. J&E Plumbing is here to help make staying safe easy with expert medical gas services in Baldwin. With our team on your side, there is no reason for your medical gas system to be unsafe.

We are a team that focuses on providing old-school values with modern technology. We care about getting the job done right so our community can prosper, unlike other companies that may take shortcuts. When you need a team that provides comprehensive solutions, trust J&E Plumbing.

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