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There are few systems in your home that play a bigger role than the sump pump. One of those machines that aren't noticed until they malfunction, sump pumps play a crucial role in keeping your home or place of business dry during storms and flooding. If you are looking for someone to expertly and professionally take care of your sump pump, give us a call at (516) 715-2424.

Sump Pump Experts

Did you know that sump pumps generally last only 5 to 7 years? If your sump pump is old, call J&E Plumbing to install a new one. When plumbers install your sump pump, you have no way of knowing that they did a good job until it rains. This is because your sump pump will lie dormant until flooding forces it into action. Unfortunately, you just have to find out the hard way. Instead of going with an untested plumber, why not choose J&E Plumbing? We’ve been in business since 2009, and we have an excellent record of sump pump installation and repair.

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Sump Pump Emergency Service

If your sump pump fails, it’s crucial to get all the water out of your basement as soon as possible. Standing water can create a perfect environment for mold and other harmful organisms. This is why we offer emergency sump pump repair. It’s also a good idea to call J&E Plumbing to service your sump pump in the event of news of a flood. We can do a quick tune-up to ensure that your home is ready for mother nature’s worst.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sump Pump?

The costs associated with sump pump installation can differ significantly for each individual, as they are contingent upon various factors. These factors consist of the particular type of sump pump being installed, the size of the pit, and whether any supplementary modifications are required. To obtain a more precise estimate of the expenses involved, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional plumber specializing in sump pump installations.

Going the Extra Mile

We do everything we can to ensure that your sump pump is up to snuff for the next big storm. Your sump pump runs on electricity, and guess what? If a storm knocks out your power, it knocks out your sump pump. Ask J&E Plumbing about emergency batteries to keep your basement dry even when the power goes out.

By offering installation, repair, and maintenance, we ensure that no storm is a match for your sump pump. Call J&E Plumbing at (516) 715-2424 now for a free quote!

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