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We believe there’s no issue we can’t tackle with our 30+ years of experience. Your main sewer line is required to remove the wastewater from your home. When it has problems, it must get taken care of immediately, so you’re not at risk for cross-contamination or a backup. J&E Plumbing has completed thousands of jobs as licensed and insured professionals in over 40 different townships. Don’t trust anyone else when you need expert sewer line services in Baldwin.

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Common Sewer Line Problems

All your pipes are susceptible to corrosion, leaks, and tree roots. However, your sewer line is hazardous because a broken pipe can cause contaminated water to enter your home and put you at risk for waterborne illnesses. 

Typical sewer line issues include:

  • Corrosion: Homes that are 50+ years old may have pipes made of galvanized steel or cast iron pipes that are outdated and deteriorate quickly. Today’s PVC materials are stronger against corrosion caused by soil, moisture, and earthquakes which can lead to poor drainage, clogs, collapsed pipes, and leaks.
  • Leaks: If you notice a higher-than-average water bill, consider turning off all of your water fixtures for a few hours to see if the meter rises. If it does, you may have a leak. Other signs of leaks include low water pressure, puddles not caused by rain, and mold.
  • Tree root invasion: A tree near your home may be a beautiful landscaping choice but can put your plumbing system at risk for damage. Tree roots will grow in the direction of water, your plumbing system, and break into pipes to cause leaks and a collapsed line.

Don’t let these issues go undetected when J&E Plumbing offers expert sewer line services in Baldwin that include backflow testing, so your home is protected against these issues. Don’t risk ignoring your plumbing system until it’s broken and your business is down for days.

Preventive Maintenance for Your Sewer Line

Regular maintenance of your sewer line can help prevent costly repairs and inconvenient blockages. Our team at J&E Plumbing & Heating offers preventive maintenance services to keep your sewer line in top condition. By scheduling routine inspections and cleanings, you can avoid potential issues and ensure that your sewer system functions smoothly.

Benefits of preventive maintenance for your sewer line include:

  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Extended lifespan of your sewer line
  • Reduced risk of blockages and backups
  • Cost savings on major repairs
  • Peace of mind knowing your sewer line is in good condition

House Trap Replacements

Most homes built in the 1990s used house traps that hold a small amount of water at all times so sewer gases and pests can’t come back up your sewage system. However, house traps are susceptible to corrosion and clogs that are hard to remove since your system is underground. The P-traps now installed for most plumbing appliances provide the same protection with much easier access.

You may notice an issue with your house trap if you have slow trains, a toilet that isn’t flushing correctly, foul smells, or a sewage backup. This is common in houses over 30 years old. We can replace these outdated plumbing fixtures, so your system is strong against clogs and corrosion. Don’t risk harmful sewage fumes or backflow entering your home and causing contamination.

Backflow preventers protect your home against contamination from unsafe sewage water. Regular testing allows us to ensure that your backflow preventer is working correctly. These systems should be tested annually to protect your building from damage.

Our expert sewer line services in Baldwin help protect your business from cross-contaminations and health hazards that create a poor reputation. Trust J&E Plumbing because there’s no issue we can’t handle.

We’re here for you when you need comprehensive solutions. Contact us today at (516) 715-2424 to schedule a free estimate!

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